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May 7, 2015–May 12, 2015

Opening Party • 7 May 2015, 7 p.m. • 862 Richmond St. W., Toronto

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Big Dead Horse

Michael DeForge

Programming and design: Kyle Dwyer

3D modeling: Kimberly Koronya

Audio: Jim Guthrie

Michael DeForge draws comics in Toronto. His short story collections A Body Beneath and Very Casual have been published by Koyama Press and his graphic novels Ant Colony and First Year Healthy have been published by Drawn and Quarterly.

Night Swings

Hellen Jo

Programming and design: Kyle Dwyer

3D modeling: Jen Schollen

Audio: Hellen Jo

Hellen Jo is an artist living in Los Angeles. Her works explore the power, violence, and friendship of teenage girls. She has written and drawn several comics, including Jin & Jam, Deep Cut, and Last Letter, and she has contributed comics and illustrations to the New York Times, VICE, Nobrow, and Frontier. Hellen currently works in animation, contributing storyboards, writing, and designs to Cartoon Network and FOX ADHD.

Mall People

John Pham

Programming and design: Kyle Dwyer

3D modeling: Ricky Jonsson Jr

Audio: Mystery Mansion

Los Angeles artist John Pham is most well known as the creator behind the Sublife (Fantagraphics) and Epoxy (self published) comics series. He also works in other media, including fine art and animation. His animation credits include The Problem Solverz (Cartoon Network) as well as art direction for the FOX ADHD programming block.